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Our goal

When we design a loudspeaker our goal is to seek the most lifelike audio reproduction possible. That is why we spend months on testing and fine-tuning different components with the aim of finding that acoustic blend that reproduces music in the most natural and harmonious way. This is how we ensure a realistic and believable sonic performance.


We also believe that the aesthetic aspect of a loudspeaker is as important as its audio quality. Accordingly, we design our models having in mind a product that can be customized to the taste and aesthetic needs of our clients while still retaining the design lines that characterize Hulgich Audio products.



Our obsession


Each model had been extensively measured to successfully reach an optimum integration between drivers, cabinet, and crossover design. Even though measurements give us an idea of the tonal balance of a system, it has to be later fine tuned by ear.


The level of transparency, the ability to resolve
micro-details, the speed of the bass, etc., cannot be derived from measurements, and that is why our loudspeakers have been thoroughly auditioned to achieve an optimum balance and a sense of
listening ease.




Our quality


The crossovers have been carefully conceived with a combination of Jantzen and Mundorf audiophile components in order to guarantee a consistent sound reproduction.


Every Hulgich Audio model is manufactured from only first grade MDF and using natural wood veneers, and precisely cross-bracing to reduce unwanted cabinet resonances.


The internal wiring in all our models is done using silver plated copper wire and hi-end binding post connectors are used to assure a solid and stable connection to  the audio equipment.



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